Ninebot Z10
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Segway Ninebot Z10

Discover the Ninebot Z10, a durable unicycle that does not compromise on convenience. This model is part of the Ninebot Z series of Segway, and among its predecessors, the Z10 has the biggest battery and can take you for the longest ride. Thinking about the comfort of unicycles, we have the Ninebot on the top of our list. Thanks to its one of a kind 4.1′ tire, this model can manage off-road conditions better than many other unicycles. And if we put off-roading aside for a bit – the massive tire will also help you maintain better control during low-speed rides on any road. The Ninebot Z10 can accelerate up to 45km/h, and if you fully charge it, you can make a journey of 90 kilometres – which is simply impressive. The feeling you get while riding this model does not resemble any other electric unicycle. And even if you have some experience with unicycles – it will take some time to get used to it. Due to a lack of support from Segway, we are not planning to restock Z10 anymore. Also, the wheel is outdated by all other brands.

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Telescopic Handle

Integrated Display

Unlike most electric unicycles, the Z10 has the well-known built-in display of Segway. Essential details like the battery level and the Bluetooth connection are displayed there. Easy to see – easy to track.

Detachable Mudguard and Trolley Handle

The detachable mudguard comes in the package. Instead of experiencing a constant muddy spray from your tires, you can mount the mudguard and keep yourself dry. And when you are all about the aesthetics, you can simply detach it.
removable mud guard

18“ x 4.1“ Tire

The 4.1“ tire plays a crucial role as it offers enhanced traction in conditions such as rock crawling and off-roading. Because the contacted surface is larger, this wide tire can grip dry surfaces better than narrow ones, especially when hard-braking. The improved stability provided by the 4.1“ tire indicates safety and riding comfort.

Video Reviews & Highlights

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Ninebot Z10

Tire Inch



995 Wh

Rated Power

1800 W

Max Speed

45 km/h

Max Range

90 km

Max Load

150 kg

Max Gradeability


Pedal Height

145 mm

Charging Time

8 hours



Net Weight

24 kg


530(H) × 457(L) × 178(W) mm

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