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InMotion V14 Adventure 50S Cells

InMotion V14 Adventure 50S Cells

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In our last conversation with InMotion, it was revealed that they plan to replace the previously announced 50GB cells after the first production batch and that they will begin using the Samsung 50S. We decided to skip the first production batch as we usually do and take directly from the second. By doing a pre-order with us you will get your InMotion V14 from the second production batch which means that your batteries will also come with the better Samsung 50S cells. The most significant advantage of 50S batteries is the high discharge value of 25A compared to only 10A with 50GB cells. 

There is still no clarity on when the second batch will be produced so we have not announced a date for when you can expect delivery. What we do know is that mass production ( first batch) will be in November. That means it will not be before December or January. Also, keep in mind that the delivery period from China to us is 45 calendar days. This means that at best we will have the InMotion V14 from the second production batch no earlier than February.

The InMotion V14 Adventure, an innovative 16-inch Electric Unicycle, has unparalleled capabilities for thrilling rides. With a 4000W Motor and top-tier 134V controller comprised of new 50GB cells (upgrading from the former 50E), you're promised an electrifying journey like never before. These batteries offer a substantial capacity of 2400Wh, giving you an extended power supply.

The V14 Adventure uses the same Raptor controller featured in V13. It's the first wheel with a custom progressive shock system. The suspension initiates with a travel of 670 pounds, gradually increasing to 900 pounds, giving you a soft and comfortable ride. Compared to other coil shocks, this is definitely the best coil shock right now.

The headlight is similar to V11 but brighter and promises clear visibility without any accompanying noise, thanks to the absence of a fan. The wheel can be charged up to 16 Amps, enabling a rapid charge from 0 to 80% within an hour.

Batteries can be conveniently removed for maintenance, making it user-friendly. The package comes with in-the-box power pads and fearings.

The V14 Adventure has two handles at the front and rear, making it easier for you to carry the wheel, especially on staircases. Despite a high weight of 39 kg, the well-designed handles make movement hassle-free.

The wheel introduces new pedals for InMotion, which are light, thereby providing a comfortable footrest without any additional weight. For resilience against weather, the wheel is rated with an IPX6 water resistance, while the batteries have an IPX7 rating.

The InMotion V14 Adventure is a perfect choice for off-road enthusiasts seeking a wheel with impressive torque and optimal performance.

Color Black / Orange
Tire size 16"
Battery capacity 2400 Wh
Rated power 4000W
Max speed 70 km/h
Max range 120 km
Max load 120 kg
Max gradeability 50°
Pedal height
Charging time 6 hours
Net weight 39 kg
Bluetooth Music No
LED Lights No
Suspension Yes
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