KingSong 18L
KingSong 18L V2

KingSong 18L V2

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The KS 18L is a great city wheel if you are looking for something that gives you more range. Its height contributes to greater control over the unicycle, and even though it is a weightier wheel because of the bigger battery, the 18L sits perfectly stable on the road. It has a reliable build quality and two charge ports if you want to charge it for half the time it usually takes. If you're looking for an adventure on the mountain paths, the 18'' tires handle off-road perfectly. Just like the other KingSong wheels, the 18L has four good-quality speakers and an improved telescopic handle.

Riding Ease

As an 18′ unicycle, the KS-18L is easy to lean, easy to slow down, easy to turn and offers better handling of bumpy terrain due to its tire.

Large Footplates

The large, grippy footplates are located higher than 16′ wheels and allow better control over the unicycle even during a drizzling rain.

Front Light

The notably bright headlight provides sufficient illumination to see the road at night.
Color Rubber Black
Tire size 18"
Battery capacity 1036 Wh
Rated power 2200W
Max speed 50 km/h
Max range 105 km
Max load 120 kg
Max gradeability 35°
Pedal height 160 mm
Charging time 9 hours
Net weight 22 kg
Dimensions 590(H) x 495(L) x 180(W)
Bluetooth Music Yes
LED Lights Yes
Suspension No
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