KingSong 18XL
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18 inchElectric UnicyclesKingSong

KingSong KS 18XL

Ride better and feel safer. The KingSong 18XL perfectly balances between range, speed, acceleration and stability. There’s no discomfort riding this wheel as the thinner pads allow better contact between your legs and the wheel’s body. We can’t stress enough the distance you can travel without consuming up the battery of this unicycle. For its size as an 18” wheel, it’s incredibly agile and suitable for any flat-ground tricks. Worry less about road bumps and enjoy the experience of exploring.

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Telescopic Handle

Retractable Handle

The handle helps you move the unicycle in places where riding is not allowed. Carrying your unicycle is not an easy task; it’s not fun either.

Enhanced Battery

The 18XL comes with a higher cell count (120) which not only provides double the range of the 18L model but also improves the performance.


Thinking about the width that eliminates the discomfort while riding, the high footplates that allow tight turns and the tire that contributes to better handling of both off-road and even terrains, this wheel can make any ride so comfortable as if you’re not riding even if we are talking about 70km rides.

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KingSong KS-18XL

Tire Inch



1554 Wh

Rated Power

2200 W

Max Speed

50 km/h

Max Range

150 km

Max Load

120 kg

Max Gradeability


Pedal Height

160 mm

Charging Time

14 hours


Rubber Black

Net Weight

23.6 kg


590(H) x 495(L) x 180(L) mm

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    1 review for KingSong KS 18XL

    • Árpád Rikárdó

      2nd January 2020 at 1:15 pm

      5 out of 5

      First, I was not sure about the tire size but the 18″ handles very well over bumps and moderately rough terrain (haven’t tried more extreme terrains yet). The autonomy is amazing, like I can ride forever. It’s not the most suitable unicycle for a beginner (like I am) since it has a big body and learning takes patience and practice, but I decided to get the wheel I want to ride longer and not think about the cost of buying a lesser wheel. I don’t regret purchasing and am exceptionally happy with it.


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