Begode EX20S
Begode EX20S
3,900.00€ 2,820.00€

Begode EX20S

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3,900.00€ 2,820.00€
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The Begode EX20S HS can be considered the ultimate cruiser unicycle. Perfect for long-range rides, seated riding or just the daily commutes to work without the worrying thought of charging the wheel multiple times during the week. 

It comes with a 3600 WH battery, 2.75-inch offroad tire and possibly the best seat on a unicycle on the market. The offroad tire is a bit noisy on asphalt but still grippy and perfect for the mountain trails if that's what you intend to do with the wheel. 

The wheel is heavy, which makes it not optimal for inexperienced offroad riders - for no other reason but the difficulty of making edgy turns if needed. It's also definitely not comfortable for lifting if you plan to take it on the train or the bus. The weight is 48.5kg. 

The seat is fantastic! It's everything you need if you plan to do those long rides on a straight road and want to sit down and enjoy the ride. Incredibly comfortable. 

The wheel doesn't have the performance of the Begode Master, but the suspension system is maybe the best from Begode. It has a long 80mm suspension travel which you can hardly bottom. 

The seat, the large battery and the excellent suspension combined and what you get is an ideal cruiser unicycle with no competition. 

Color Black
Tire size 20"
Battery capacity 3600 Wh
Rated power 3000W
Max speed 80 km/h
Max range 230 km
Max load 120 kg
Max gradeability 35°
Pedal height 240 mm
Charging time 12 hours
Net weight 48.5 kg
Dimensions 710(H) x 550(L) x 330(W)
Bluetooth Music No
LED Lights No
Suspension Yes
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