Kinetic PowerPads Bite System
Kinetic PowerPads Bite System

Kinetic PowerPads Bite System

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The new, innovative power pads for EUC allow full position adjustment for each leg setting.

The three innovative solutions used in the NyloNove Bite pads are:

Bite System

In conjunction with the dedicated NyloNove pedals, this system lets you install your power pads lower and not interfere with the pedals. You can find NyloNove pedals with Bite System here.

Kinetic System

The power pads have hinges that allow you to adjust the shape of the pads to each position of the legs. Regardless if you have a thin or thick calf, you are tall or short, you ride with shin protectors or without shin protectors, you accelerate by pushing the pads with your knees or by leaning all the way forward. You can easily adjust the setting of the pads to your riding style!

Modular System

Thanks to the modular structure of the pads, you can freely configure their shape and size or simply not mount selected modules.

Included in the package:

Set of power pads (for both sides of the unicycle).

Very strong pre-applied Velcro that allows you to attach the pads to the EUC.

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