KingSong S22 Pro
KingSong S22 PRO

In stock is the latest version of the KingSong S22 Pro: 4th generation motor and 3rd version of the sliders.

More information about the latest changes can be found in the following lines:

Changes in the Motor:

hanges in the Motor:
  • Changing the motor shaft from die-cast aluminium to steel
  • The design of a pre-compressed steel sleeve is added to the outer ring of the motor end cover bearing
  • Changes in the suspension sliders system:

    Changes in the suspension sliders system:
  • Four guide pulleys with a diameter of 11mm are added to the side, which can keep the slide rail parallel to the battery box during the up-and-down displacement process, reduce friction and increase the smoothness.
  • All the pulleys are changed to the outside of the slide rail, and the original single slide rail is changed as a mechanism into a battery box as a whole, which can reduce the problem of non-parallel processing errors caused by the two measurement slide rails.
  • The screw-fixed pulley is replaced by a spring to fix the pulley, which is convenient for after-sales disassembly and assembly of the pulley.
  • The pulley rubber material is changed to white nylon material.
  • Previous Improvements:

    - New 150V 4.0m N-Ch Power MOSFET

    - New 4000W Motor

    - New Suspension Slider System

    An all-in-one unicycle. It has a big battery capacity, big at least for a KingSong wheel, a powerful motor and non-arguably the best suspension system in the market. The KingSong S22 comes with a 2200Wh battery capacity using LG50LT 21700 battery cells, and that's quite an update from their previous suspension model - the S18. According to KingSong's tests (a full charge, 60kg load, 20km/h constant speed on a flat road, with 25°C temperature), the wheel should offer a 200km autonomous ride. We all know that 20km/h is not the speed we ride with, even casually, but we'll accept it as a base for the range measurement. The advertised top speed is 70km/h. All that power comes from the 3300W hollow motor with a peak of 7500W and 160N.m of torque. Hill climbing with that wheel is going to be effortless with a maximum gradability of 40°.

    Unlike the S18 with its air suspension system, the KingSong S22 comes with a spring suspension. However, the stock DNM Burner RCP-2S 240mm, with non-linear force distribution, comes with a different spring model - GR-27RC 750lb. The suspension travel we will get is 130mm, and we will be able to customize the dampening and the compression.

    With the bigger battery, KingSong also thought about the charging time. The S22 can be 10A fast charged, while the stock charger will allow 5A charging for the surprising 4 hours from 0 to 100%.

     The wheel comes with an in-house modular controller (4 layers) with 12 High-Voltage TO-247 MOSFETs and 16 heat sink columns to dissipate heat effectively. The controller is sealed and placed at the top of the body - just like on the S18.

     There are plenty of quality of life features on the S22. We won't take them for granted. The wheel comes with eight 5W headlights with the option to adjust the angle with 15°. The brake and turn lights are combined on the back. KingSong worked hard to enhance the riding comfort and added customizable power pads and adjustable spiked honeycomb pedals. There's also a removable seat for all the long-range riders. We no longer have to think about where to place our wheel, how to place it so it doesn't fall, lookup DIY stands, or use flipped flower pots. No more! There's an integrated kickstand on the S22. Thank you, KingSong! The list of extra features includes a built-in display that shows power and speed.

     As we said in the beginning, it looks like we are getting everything in the package, and we are desperately looking forward to our first rides with the S22.

    Innovative Suspension System

    DNM Burner RCP-2S 240mm, with non-linear force distribution and GR-27RC 750lb spring. The suspension travel is 130mm - that's 30mm more than what we have on the S18. The system is excellent for different terrains because we can adjust the compression and damping according to our preference.

    Hollow Bore Brushless Motor

    Powerful 160N.m torque motor with custom bearings seal. Rated 3300W with a peak of 7500W.

    Bigger Battery

    Two LG50LT, 21700 battery cell packs (30S4P) for a total of 2200Wh and an output of 126V.

    Intelligent Lights

    Eight 5W adjustable LED headlights, with a manually adjustable angle of up to 15° and combined brake and turn lights at the back.

    Modular Controller

    In-house-made 4 layer controller with 12 high-voltage MOSFETs and 16 heat sink columns.

    Extra Features

    Integrated kickstand, removable seat, 277x130mm spiked pedals and adjustable power pads.

    Color Black
    Tire size 20"
    Battery capacity 2200 Wh
    Rated power 4000W
    Max speed 70 km/h
    Max range 200 km
    Max load 120 kg
    Max gradeability 40°
    Pedal height 231 - 257 mm
    Charging time 4 hours
    Net weight 35 kg
    Dimensions 693/747(H) x 582(L) x 330/465(W)
    Bluetooth Music No
    LED Lights No
    Suspension Yes
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