Side Plates for Power Pads
Side Plates for Power Pads

Side Plates for Power Pads

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A set of two side plates for Power Pads

Using them, you can attach any power pads to your Begode Master, Begode T4 or KingSong S22. They come with pre-installed velcro on both sides.

The set includes:

  • two side plates 
  • additional Velcro for the unicycle

NOTE: Please leave a message in the comment field if you order the side plates for KingSong S22!

*Due to the high product range of Nylonove accessories we offer, there is a chance that at the current time of the order, they might not be in stock. In this case you will have to wait for the next production batch, which might range from 1 to 4 weeks. We will contact the clients of such orders. Feel free to email us at for availability before placing your order.

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