Who Are We?


MyEWheel is an official KingSong, GotWay, Veteran and InMotion distributor in Europe and thanks to that we can provide genuine warranty. And if that is not enough for you to consider us the right distributor, let us give you two more reasons:

  • We can offer 2-7 days, totally free delivery, across European Union countries (all of our products are shipped from our warehouses within Europe – if not stated otherwise on the product page)
  • We have reasonable prices

We are devoted EUC riders, and for us, it all started with our passion for electric micro-mobility. Because passions grasp you and insert themselves into your life, we decided since we live it anyway, we might as well do it for a living. But it was not just about the passion, we also embraced the lifestyle. We founded MyEWheel and started expanding it with a team of dedicated people who share our values and ideas. Along with the lifestyle, we developed that new skill of hustle that empowers us to work day and night and to always look for improvement. (Don’t panic if we respond to that email you sent us at midnight).

To keep everything in the golden mean – we are big enough to help you with all your enquiries and small enough to keep things personal. We believe in responsibility and transparency and strive to deliver the best customer experience every day.  

Electric unicycles are setting the concrete steps to clean, convenient and fun urban mobility, and we also think better life. Behind our work hides the simple idea that we need to modify our short-distance transportation by making our daily commutes cleaner and of course, enjoyable. 

Ready to join us and modify your ride?

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We specialize in sales and after-sales support of electric unicycles in Europe. Being passionate about EUCs, we are not just loving our job, we strive to perfect it. We are ready to offer not only the best prices on the market but also reliable after-sales service during and after the warranty period.


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