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Leaperkim Veteran Lynx

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Our plan is to take the second production batch. So yes we are not going to have the Lynx first in Europe but you are safe to go with MyEWheel because we will guarantee you will have the second production batch. We have followed this trend since the beginning of 2023, trying to reduce the risk of defects and ill-conceived things that are always on the agenda for the first production batches. Our experience shows that both we and our customers should skip the first production batch. Delivery plans to have it in our warehouse in early March.

Introducing the Leaperkim Lynx, the latest addition to the Leaperkim lineup. Crafted with advanced technology and meticulous design, the Lynx is the first unicycle wheel boasting a superb 151.2V. With a thrilling free spin ability of 165 km/h, electronically limited to 125 km/h, you can cruise around comfortably at around 90 km/h.

Powered by a 3200W motor, the Lynx is equipped with a 20-inch wheel and a staggering 2700Wh battery. Weighing in at 40kg, it's nimble, controllable, and unlike anything else in the 20-inch market. Despite its larger wheel size, it's impressively lightweight, comparable to the 16-inch Patton the Lynx is the same weight. Thanks to its magnesium alloy body, Leaperkim has managed to achieve this incredible weight without sacrificing durability.

In a first for the Electric Unicycle industry, the Lynx also features hall sensorless ability, ensuring the wheel can operate without a fully functioning hall sensor. This key feature substantially reduces the risk of serious rider injury.

Experience the real range potential, validated by well-known Youtuber, Electric Dreams, who managed an impressive 80km journey at an average speed of 40 km/h weighing 95kg. This testifies to the exceptional optimization work from Leaperkim on the firmware of the wheel.

We offer two popular suspension versions: 62 lbs and 66 lbs. The progressive suspension system offers 90 mm of travel, providing a comfortable ride that's hard to bottom out. Depending on your riding style and weight, you can safely opt for the 62 lbs version. However, if you plan on aggressive off-road sessions with lots of jumps, we recommend the 66 lbs variant.

Design-wise, the Lynx features an industrial-looking design akin to the Patton and Sherman S. It's fitted with a comfortable trolley handle at the back, perfect for pushing the wheel when you're walking. Key features include adjustable jump pads, a new pedal design with a new mounting mechanism, a pre-installed kickstand, and front and rear bumpers that provide excellent protection to the wheel.

The Lynx is equipped with two GX20/5 charging ports and comes with a 5A charger with a 151.2V output. It eschews extraneous visual features and extras like Bluetooth speakers and RGB lights, focusing instead on providing a superior riding experience.

Described by early riders as 'light as a feather', the Lynx offers an adrenaline rush on every ride. It's hands-down the best unicycle wheel ever made and is set to be the wheel of the year. It's not just a ride; it's an experience like no other, promising to push the boundaries of what an electric unicycle can do.

What is the difference between the 50E and 50S batteries?

The most significant advantage of 50S batteries is the high discharge value of 25A. We don't see a need to go for 50S batteries but if you are a more speedy rider it can give you a safety margin for piece of mind.

Tire size 20"
Battery capacity 2700 Wh
Rated power 3200W
Max speed 90 km/h
Max range 180 km
Max load 120 kg
Max gradeability 45°
Pedal height 220 mm
Charging time 4 hours
Net weight 40 kg
Dimensions 725(H) x 588(L) x x 203(W)
Bluetooth Music No
LED Lights No
Suspension Yes
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