Nylonove L Size honeycomb pedals
Nylonove L Size honeycomb pedals

Nylonove L Size honeycomb pedals

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The latest modification of original Nylonove pedals. They come with the following characteristics:

  • STAS or Smooth Tilt Adjustment System. This allows the control of the angle.
  • OVL or Overlay. The red ergonomic overlay zones on the pedals help in mitigating the numbness of the feet while riding by allowing a better bloodstream.

Size specifications: Lenght 260mm | Width 130mm

This model fits only on the following wheels:

  • Begode RS
  • Begode MSP
  • Begode MSX
  • Begode MCM5
  • Begode Tesla
  • Begode EX / EX.N
  • Begode Monster / Monster Pro
  • Veteran Sherman (not matching the Sherman MAX) 

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