KingSong S18 V2
KingSong S18 V2

KingSong S18 V2

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In stock the latest possible version with a 2200W more efficient hollow motor, better frame structure, 12 high voltage MOSFETs. 

The S18 is the first suspension wheel that KingSong released. Long-anticipated, futuristic and honestly a beautiful unicycle. But don't be fooled by the "suspension" tag on this model - it is performing equally well in city riding. The S18 is comfortable like an 18" wheel and nimble like the 16X. However, we wouldn't consider it a cruiser wheel like the KingSong 18XL because it has smaller battery packs. You can personalize the suspension system based on your riding style and preference. But suppose you don't want to use the suspension system. In that case, you can turn it off entirely and enjoy the simplicity of riding (yes, that's what we sometimes do, just sometimes).

What's impressive about the S18 is that you can replace the stock suspension shock - a small KingSong playground for people that want to explore different options. The wheel's handle is very comfortable, still taking space within the inner shell of the S18. But compared to other models in the market, we believe the trolley handle works wonders. The motor has 2200W power - as powerful as the one on the 18XL, slightly stronger than the InMotion V11's motor. The S18 accelerates extremely fast, just like the 16X, and has a top speed of 50 km/h (based on papers). There are no BT speakers on this model, but there's one advantage over all KingSong models - the lights.

The headlight is twice as bright as the one on the 16X. But that's not all - there's an automatic sensor that catches oncoming light and switches between low and high beams so you will not blind other riders. The rare light compliments the wheel's overall design. But also signalizes your riding decisions to riders/drivers (turning or stopping) and gives you essential information like the battery level. We can extend the list of features with the senor that disengages the motor, the dynamic but ergonomic design and let's not forget the wheel's weight - it's just 25kg.

Futuristic Design

The S18 is unlike any other unicycle you’ve seen so far. But besides the looks, the design is packed with riding comfort improvements and enhanced ergonomics.


The air suspension system comes in an x-shaped structure with 100mm suspension travel.

Intelligent Headlight

The headlight is 1600lm with 2 beam modes (high 2*5W and short 2*4W) and an intelligent sensor switch between them.
Color White | Black
Tire size 18"
Battery capacity 1100 Wh
Rated power 2200W
Max speed 50 km/h
Max range 100 km
Max load 120 kg
Max gradeability 40°
Pedal height 110 - 210 mm
Charging time 6 hours
Net weight 25 kg
Dimensions 557(H) x 530(L) x 200(W)
Bluetooth Music No
LED Lights No
Suspension Yes
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