InMotion V11
InMotion V11

InMotion V11

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We have never seen so much innovation in one model before. The design of the device is aggressive and futuristic. It reminds us of the NineBot Z10, but we still think the V11 is unique. The side paddings are three times larger than those on the V10F. And if you want more control, you might want to get the power pads designed primarily for the model.

The V11 is InMotion's strongest performer yet. The engineers raised the top speed to 55km/h, and that's 15km/h higher than what we had with their V10F. The V11 comes with a CST tire, 18" by 3". A popular opinion of the CST 1488 tire is that it offers excellent control and stable behaviour on ordinary streets and offroad rides. Of course, the smoother ride is also contributed by the innovative, in the market, pedal suspension. You will no longer sacrifice your knees for a longer ride, and you can take any route without thinking about the potholes or the uneven terrains. That's freedom of the ride. You want to go offroad - no problem! The pedal clearance is so big that it might even stress you out in the beginning. It definitely brings a different vibe compared to what we got used to with older models.

The battery and the motor power of the V11 put the wheel in the category of "cruise wheels". The V11 comes with large-sized battery packs (1500Wh), large for InMotion wheels anyway, with 80 LG M50T, 5Ah, 21700 cells. Before the Begode EX, there was no other suspension wheel that could offer that range, given that the sporty KingSong S18 has 60 cells - 20 less than the V11.

The lights on the model are advertised as the brightest head and tail lights on a EUC. We cannot argue with that; we 100% agree!

V11 turned out to be 2020's biggest surprise for the community. And we can all agree that it was and still is well-accepted, especially among the offroad heroes.

Built-in Suspension

You are looking at the first electric unicycle with a built-in suspension. This is an air suspension with 8.5 cm of travel that aims to totally change our experience when off-roading and riding on a bumpy road.

Upgraded Craft

Anti Spinning Button and Upgraded Craft. The handle is now comfortable for taller people. The anti-spinning button has been tested at 100,000 clicks!

New self-developed InMotion motor with a rated output of 2200W and a maximum output of up to 3000W. The brand says that thanks to their new motor we will be able to climb up to 35 degrees uphills.

Built-in Stand

The World’s First Electric Unicycle with a Stand. The stand is built into the back of the device and will solve our problem with finding how to keep the unicycle standing while we wait in the bank or store.
Color Black
Tire size 18"
Battery capacity 1500 Wh
Rated power 2200W
Max speed 55 km/h
Max range 120 km
Max load 120 kg
Max gradeability 35°
Pedal height 195-250 mm
Charging time 4 - 8 hours
Net weight 27 kg
Dimensions 670(H) x 506(L) x 200(W)
Bluetooth Music No
LED Lights No
Suspension Yes
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