InMotion V11Y
InMotion V11Y
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InMotion V11Y

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We would like to present you the updated version of InMotion's best seller for the last 4 years, namely InMotion V11Y. The well-known V11 model of the brand received its update to continue its success. Let's start with the most important thing, namely what is new in the V11Y compared to the V11.

1. Orange bumpers have been added to protect the weakest points of the model. The idea here is to protect the elements of the electric unicycle that are most often skinned in everyday use. These bumpers are on the headlight, rear stop and battery boxes. See for yourself in the pictures.

2. Perhaps one of the most important upgrades on the V11Y is the mainboard. The engineers at Inmotion have replaced the board with a Raptor series controller. The main aspect here is security. 18 Capacitors compared to only 2 in the old version. 42 Mosfets compared to only 16 in the V11.

3. The motor type and its characteristics have also been improved. Instead of the 2.2Kw motor, the V11Y will now have a 2.5Kw power rating with a 150Nm Torque compared to the 2.2Kw motor the V11 had with an 85Nm Torque.

4. It goes without saying that since the controller and motor are new and significantly more powerful the top speed of the bike has been increased to 60km/h with the top speed being software limited although the capabilities are much greater.

5. The tyre has also been changed. The old CST-1488 on the V11 will not be used and in its place, InMotion have chosen the Longxin L841 which is expected to handle better on the road compared to the CST.

6. V11Y will support 10A fast charging. In the old model, it was only possible to charge with 5A. Which effectively allows you to charge the electric unicycle twice as fast as long as you have the appropriate 2 x 5A chargers.

7. A new type of Smart BMS which will take care of better balancing the cells individually and allow you to monitor their voltages in the app.

8. Suspension movement travel of 85mm.

9. Pedals

10. Pedal height, 9.76″ to 9″ The slightly shorter pedal height has varying benefits and trade-offs: the advantages are improved acceleration/braking performance and less sensation of being perched up on tilts. The slight downside is that the lower pedals have reduced ground clearance, although 9″ is comparatively still pretty high. These pedal brackets are fixed in place and do not have the adjustable mountings of the V12.

If we were to sum all these things up in a few sentences it would look like this.

The V11Y gets a significant upgrade in terms of power, torque and safety. The only downside is the weight increase, but it's not significant and you won't feel it.

Color Black / Orange
Tire size 18"
Battery capacity 1500 Wh
Rated power 2200W
Max speed 60 km/h
Max range 120 km
Max load 120 kg
Max gradeability 38°
Pedal height 195-250 mm
Charging time 4 - 8 hours
Net weight 29.7 kg
Dimensions 670(H) x 506(L) x 200(W)
Bluetooth Music No
LED Lights No
Suspension Yes
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