InMotion V10F
InMotion V10F
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InMotion V10F

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1,650.00€ 1,440.00€
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Like the V10, this model has a slender design and large pedals. You can enjoy the longer rides with this unicycle because V10F also has those softer side paddings that reduce the tension in your ankles. InMotion also implemented the "sleep" button that you can use when carrying the unicycle around — no more powering on and off. It's a practical model with a carry handle - typical for many InMotion unicycles. The V10F arrives with a larger 960Wh battery, and you can explore further. Listening to music while riding is also possible with its integrated Bluetooth Speakers. The terrain shouldn't bother you because the extra rubber in the pedals will lightly eliminate the bouncing, rocking or wobbling when you're on an uneven road. Your ride will be smooth and comfortable. However, if the range is not your priority, you can also take a look at the V8F.

Super Slim Design and Large Pedals

The V10 has a slim body, large pedals and is notably comfortable. There’s more rubber on the pedals so you can seamlessly pass through road bumps and unevenness.

Soft Side Padding and Fold-Up Handle

The side padding is made of softer material, just like on the V10, and will help you enhance the control over the unicycle. The V8F comes with new riding modes – classic, comfort, and pedal sensitivity adjustment.

Beautiful Mobile App

The App is a gem. It’s one of the best mobile applications, giving you full control over your unicycle. You can check statistical data, your ride history and details about the condition of your unicycle.
Color Black
Tire size 16"
Battery capacity 960 Wh
Rated power 2000W
Max speed 40 km/h
Max range 90 km
Max load 120 kg
Max gradeability 30°
Pedal height 172 mm
Charging time 8 hours
Net weight 20.6 kg
Dimensions 624(H) x 586(L) x 421(W)
Bluetooth Music Yes
LED Lights Yes
Suspension No
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