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Inmotion V10F

Like the V10, this model has a slender design and larger pedals. You can enjoy the longer rides with this unicycle because V10F also has softer side paddings that reduce the tension in your legs.
Inmotion additionally implemented the sleep button which you can use when you have to carry the unicycle around — no more powering on and off. It’s a practical model with a carry handle – typical for many Inmotion unicycles. The V10F arrives with a larger 960Wh battery, new motherboard and new firmware. With its integrated Bluetooth Speakers, you can listen to music and ride for 100km. The terrain shouldn’t bother you because the extra rubber in the pedals will eliminate the bouncing, rocking or wobbling when you’re on an uneven road. Your ride will be smooth and comfortable, not like you just got off a roller coaster. However, if the range is not your priority, you can take a look at the Inmotion V10.

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Telescopic Handle

Super Slim Design & Large Pedals

The V10 has a slim body, large pedals and is notably comfortable. There’s more rubber on the pedals so you can seamlessly pass through road bumps and unevenness.

Soft Side Padding & Fold-Up Handle

The side paddings of the V10 help you enhance the control over the unicycle. Unlike its predecessors, the material used for the paddings of the V10 is softer and convenient for the legs.

Beautiful Mobile App

The App is a gem. It’s one of the best mobile applications, giving you full control over your unicycle. You can check statistical data, your ride history and details about the condition of your unicycle.

Video Reviews & Highlights

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Inmotion V10F

Tire Inch



960 Wh

Rated Power

2000 W

Max Speed

40 km/h

Max Range

90 km

Max Load

120 kg

Max Gradeability


Pedal Height

172 mm

Charging Time

8 hours



Net Weight

20.6 kg


623.5(H) x 528.5(L) x 421(W) mm

    3 reviews for Inmotion V10F

    • Evert

      20th February 2020 at 6:11 pm

      5 out of 5

      Thanks MyEWheel for delivering the unicycle so fast! I’m very happy with the V10F! It’s is performing as I expected. The ride settings in the app are superb and really change the nature of the unicycle. The pedals are comfortable and the tire is wide enough. Riding on high speed is smooth and I feel confident.
      Worth the purchase all the way!


    • Roman

      16th July 2020 at 6:56 pm

      5 out of 5

      Super PEV from a great seller. Perfect contact in the chat. Fast delivery. I highly recommend both the V10F and MyWheel !!!


    • Florian

      1st November 2020 at 11:23 pm

      5 out of 5

      Why did I choose the V10F? I needed an ewheel that is fast, has a great range, but isn’t too bulky/wide and not too expensive. 2 of my friends have an inmotion (V8) already, so I was sure it is a good brand. I can totally recommend the V10F, it is agile and yet stable to ride on. I mostly ride my ewheel, but once I need to walk, the fold-up handle is very handy. The sleep button to lift the ewheel up without having to turn it off is perfect, I absolutely would miss this feature if it hadn’t had it. The app is very nice, but the ewheel works also with other apps for ewheels.
      How did I come to MyEwheel? The price was good and after a lot of research on the web I was confident to buy their V10F. The communication was very quick and friendly and they sent the ewheel on the way the same day I ordered it(!). Stated delivery time was 6 days and that’s what it exactly was in the end – all the way to Austria. Thanks again


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