KingSong S19
KingSong S19

KingSong S19

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KingSong S19 is the latest model of electric unicycles with advanced shock absorbers designed to fill the gap between the S18, which has a small battery, and the S22, which is overly bulky and heavy. The S19 comes with exciting new features from KingSong, including updates from well-known elements of both S22 and S18.

The first major surprise is the return of Bluetooth music. The S19's speakers are incredibly powerful, producing the best sound quality from the brand so far. The wheel's four speakers include 2 x 20W and 2 x 15W. The front lights are strong RGB diodes with 6 x 5W, providing optimal visibility in the dark.

The suspension is a DMR RCP 2S Spring Suspension with 130mm suspension travel and 75mm spring travel. The pedals are the same size as those on the S22, measuring 277 x 130 mm. The display is new for the brand, with a large 32x32 Dot Matrix Display. The rear brake light is multifunctional, featuring a turning light for the first time in KingSong models.

The S19's ergonomics features the Kingsong S22's well-known Stand, while Power Pads are incorporated into the design. The wheel also features a new High Strength handle, which is a significant novelty. The wheel has a Samsung 50GB batteries with a capacity of 1776WH.

The hollow brushless motor has a 3500W rated power and 6500W peak power, designed like S18's. The maximum speed is 60km/h. The S19 remains a sure bet for the ultimate electric unicycle experience, delivering both thrills and ergonomic comfort.

Color Black
Tire size 18"
Battery capacity 1776 Wh
Rated power 3500W
Max speed 60 km/h
Max range 150 km
Max load 120 kg
Max gradeability 40°
Pedal height 231 - 257 mm
Charging time 3.5 hours
Net weight 32 kg
Dimensions 790(H) x 540(L) x 320(W)
Bluetooth Music Yes
LED Lights Yes
Suspension Yes
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