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Inmotion V5F

Inmotion V5F comes as an attractive solution to our urban commuting struggles and meets all of our needs. It’s light and powerful enough to serve both as a last-kilometre and a primary commuting device. This model can reach up to 25km/h and can carry you for 35km with its motor power of 550W. Perfect fit for the environment-friendly lifestyle. Due to its small size and easy manoeuvrability, you can learn to ride fast and even perform tricks if you’re into practising acrobatics. There’s a switch fitted on the handle which stops the engine when you lift the unicycle. Once the switch is released, the motor turns on again. No more unnecessary spinning when you carry it around, Convenient, right?

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Telescopic Handle

Light and Agile

The weight of the Inmotion V5F is only 11.9kg which makes it ideal for freestyle. Lifting it when needed will not make you feel like you are getting ready for a weight-lifting competition. Also, taking the dog out is getting on a new level of fun.

Integrated Display

Inmotion brought a new level of convenience and safety by adding an integrated display which shows the battery level.

Beautiful Mobile App

The App is a gem. It’s one of the best mobile applications, giving you full control over your unicycle. You can check statistical data, your ride history and details about the condition of your unicycle.

Video Reviews & Highlights

Check the video reviews and highlights from different members of the EUC community.

Inmotion V5F

Tire Inch



320 Wh

Rated Power

550 W

Max Speed

25 km/h

Max Range

35 km

Max Load

120 kg

Max Gradeability


Pedal Height

115 mm

Charging Time

3.5 hours



Net Weight

11.9 kg


476(H) x 401(L) x 165(W) mm


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