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GotWay Msuper PRO (MSP)

The GotWay/Begode factory no longer produces this model. The GotWay RS has succeeded it. If you want to see what’s new about it, you can check it here.

MSuper Pro was the descendant of GotWay’s most popular model in the past – the MSuper X. Despite the many upgrades and new features, some of the brand’s fans were slightly disappointed. The reason behind it was the top speed. Everyone expected the MSuper Pro to be the new fastest wheel. However, the model did not surpass the maximum speed of the MSX 100V version. We reconciled with the 60km/h top speed because, to be honest – is not nearly safe and it is more than satisfactory for the needs of every regular rider. Gotway chose the skid resistance tire for this model – recommended for all surfaces. As you might have already seen on the images, the MSP came with a Double T6 headlight, but when it comes to design, the changes were not a lot compared to the MSX. The major differences are in the lower parts of the side panels due to the added 35W BT Speakers and vents. Since we mentioned the vents, we wanted to mark the next upgrade after the MSX – the better cooling of the mainboard and the headlights with the 5W heat sink fan. We were happy about this one! The new 2500W motor gave more torque versus the previous generation, and it is considered safer on steep climb terrains. It had significant acceleration and broke better compared to the MSX. The hill-climbing has never been so easy.

The unicycle was packed with the new 21700 100V LG battery with 1800Wh capacity. We could finally say “hello” to the extensive 160km rides with one single charge. The charger that came with the unicycle is 100V/3A and allows a full charge for the unbelievable 6 hours. Another new feature was the Lift Up Switch, which helps a lot when lifting the unicycle without turning it off. Yet, we have one small remark about it – if you are left-handed the button can be slightly uncomfortable because it’s placed on the left side of the handle. It becomes practically impossible to keep it pushed with the left-hand fingers. We also want to mention the improved waterproofing. GotWay added a white silicone rubber ring around the outer shell. Yes, the 100V version of the MSX was still the king of speed. Still, overall we think there were a lot more things in the MSuper Pro to be excited and happy about than to grief over the non-updated maximum speed.

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Telescopic Handle

New Double T6 Headlight

Unlike before, the position of the headlights has been improved so as not to blind pedestrians and other road users. Another improvement over the old version is in the LED lights.

New 35W Bluetooth Speakers

Compared to the first generation used in Nikola Plus, these new speakers are louder and offer better sound quality.

The New Tyre Pattern

The pattern of the tire is the same as the one on the Nikola model. After the excellent feedback GotWay received for the Nikola, they went with the same pattern for their newest MS Pro model. This pattern is suitable for offroad, and compared to the MSX tyre, we think it’s better for wet surfaces too

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Gotway MSP

Tire Inch



1800 Wh

Rated Power

2500 W

Max Speed

60 km/h

Max Range

160 km

Max Load

120 kg

Max Gradeability


Pedal Height

165 mm

Charging Time

6 hours

Net Weight

25 kg


560(H) x 490(L) x 440(W) mm


High Torque

Warranty and Shipping

2 Years Warranty & Factory Shipping, 1 Year Warranty & Factory Shipping

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