Solid Reliability

Though, quality is not the only thing that KingSong values, the superior after-sale service is a significant part of their philosophy for long-term growth, success and thriving. KingSong is one of the best players in the market of electric unicycles. Thanks to their strong focus on quality, performance and reliability, they are staying solid among their competitors.

Absolute Hit

In 2019, KingSong released their most popular and advanced unicycle yet – the KS 16X. The model became a total hit within the EUC community because of its perfectly balanced performance. Riders were dropping off their regular unicycle and going for the 16X for their daily commute as well as for their occasional offroad rides. With KingSong’s success and progression over the years, we are expecting their next model to be even more advanced and absolute knockout in the industry.


KingSong Intell Tech is a hi-technology manufacturer that specializes in the development of electric unicycles and scooters under the brand “KingSong”.

They started their research on self-balancing scooters in 2012. After extensive analysis by the professionals in the industry and intense efforts, they formed their first complete production line of electric unicycles and scooters without forgetting to keep an eye on the trends and refresh their models for the customers. The current KingSong manufactory is located in Shenzhen, China.

Our Vision

Before entering the industry of the self-balancing transportation devices, KingSong were engaged in the development and production of power bank protection boards. They produce all of the control boards for their products in their own SMT factory.

The flexibility and guarantee of the quality of their control boards are giving KingSong a considerable advantage over the competitors. The team is packed with professionals and engineering gurus from all areas to ensure the perfect execution of all development processes.








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