InMotion V13
InMotion V13
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InMotion V13

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4,599.00€ 4,300.00€
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The InMotion V13 Challenger is a significant step forward in regards to safety, speed, convenience and comfort. 
The 22-inch unicycle has a powerful motor and a huge 3024 WH battery to feed the motor. The system voltage is 126V, but even that might not be impressive when we mention that the peak power output is near 10000W. That's more than 13 HP! The rated power is 4500W.

With those specs, the wheel reaches a free spin speed of 140 km/h. Of course, it will be limited to around 90 km/h. Let's be honest, even 90 km/h is terrifying to experience on a unicycle, not to think of 140 km/h. 
The unicycle will have removable suspension, giving 90mm suspension travel when installed. Extremely convenient when riding on rough terrains or testing out the speed limits. 

Along with the performance traits many riders have wanted for so long, the model comes with a touchscreen and two charging ports. 
Of course, this comes at a price, the price of weight - the whooping 50kg of weight.

Fastest Unicycle Ever

The InMotion V13 Challenger can reach a free spin speed of 140km/h. But what will matter to you is the unicycle's actual, reachable speed (when loaded with a rider). This speed will be around 90km/h, still making it the fastest in the market. 

Two Hall Sensors

We all experience that disturbing anxiety of the "cut-off". The nightmarish moment when the motor stops and you are face-planting on the road. The added hall sensor should be what we all need to start trusting our unicycles more and enjoy our rides without anxiety. If one of the sensors fails, the other will still be active.

Easy Maintenance

Well, you can guess that this one is what we are excited about the most. Or at least my colleagues in the after-sales. But it's not just about us. This new era of replacing the tire without disassembling the whole unicycle and removing 100 screws is fantastic for everyone. Maintaining your wheel will no longer be that dreadful experience you try to avoid at all costs. 

Suspension or no suspension? That is the question.

One day you want to go offroad; the next, you simply want to enjoy your city's perfect, even asphalt roads, and you don't need suspension. You are in a constant dilemma, which unicycle to get. Now you can have BOTH experiences with one model. The V13 Challenger is the best of both worlds. You can remove the suspension system, lower the pedal's height and ride on the streets (if laws allow it). Or add the suspension system, spoil yourself with the big ground clearance and hit the offroad trails.
Color Black
Tire size 22"
Battery capacity 3024 Wh
Rated power 4500W
Max speed 90 km/h
Max range 200 km
Max load 120 kg
Max gradeability 45°
Pedal height Adjustable height - 2 positions
Charging time 6 hours
Net weight 50 kg
Dimensions 731(H) x 597(L) x 274(W)
Bluetooth Music No
LED Lights No
Suspension Yes
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