Knee-Shin Protectors PRO – D3O
Knee-Shin Protectors PRO – D3O

Knee-Shin Protectors PRO – D3O

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The XION® Protective Gear knee–shin protectors, are specifically designed to wear as an undergarment. The product is sold as a pair to cover both legs—an ideal replacement for the traditional bulky rigid protection. The D3O pads are removable, flexible, and breathable. The knee areas are covered with a very durable abrasion-resistant fabric. The main fabric of the product is made of a strong, stretchable, and breathable fabric specially designed for the sports industry.

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XION® products are powered with and protected by D3O’s groundbreaking impact protection technology. D3O is a pioneer in the development of shock-absorbing ‘smart materials’. They are exceptional in achieving the highest protection while retaining optimal flexibility.


XION® was amongst the first to implement the patented D3O technology into body protective garments. This early partnership has contributed much to the creation of innovative undergarments.

D3O’s Impact Protection solutions are developed for markets where high impact energies are experienced. They offer enhanced shock-absorbing properties that provide the ultimate in soft and flexible protection.


Nothing protects better than D3O®, which offers the thinnest and most advanced protection against impact.

D3O® realises materials using a combination of advanced polymer chemistry and cutting-edge design. With no compromise on comfort, the materials are soft and flexible. Compared to standard foames they react differently when force is applied.

D3O® absorbs and dissipates energy during an impact. This reduces the amount of force transmitted to your body and results in less damaging injuries in the areas protected. If there are any at all.


Users of XION® protective gear are looking for protection, but also want a wear that offers maximum flexibility. Because of that, the company has carefully chosen fabrics that perform optimally during physical exercise.

The main fabric is a high-quality jersey stretch fabric. For breathability, nylon-based mesh fabric is used in vital places. For the longer life of the products, XION® covers the parts that are more exposed to wear and tear with an abrasion-resistant 4-way stretch fabric.

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