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14 InchElectric UnicyclesKingSong

KingSong KS 14S

It’s an excellent choice for riders looking for a convenient, practical and powerful unicycle with a big range. The KS-14S is easier to store and its sturdy retractable handle, made of magnesium alloy metal, is convenient for places where riding is not permitted. The wheel is slightly more expensive than the KS-14D but gives you double the range and operates even better at hill-climbing. You will be enjoying a top speed of 30km/h and up to 80km long rides. This unicycle is notably well made, constructed so well that it can take some hard knocks while ensuring to operate for many years of regular use.

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Telescopic Handle

Integrated Telescopic Handle

The handle helps you move the unicycle in places where riding is not allowed. Carrying your unicycle is not an easy task, it’s not fun either. Over time, you will see how KingSong solved this problem and why their unicycles have the best handle.

Agile and Powerful

Provides easy, and smooth rides, fast acceleration and maximum cruising speed sustained longer with the new firmware.

Bigger Battery

If you travel more often and longer distances. If you want to have the maximum speed from your unicycle for a longer period. And let us not forget that fewer charging cycles mean longer battery life!

Video Reviews & Highlights

Check the video reviews and highlights from different members of the EUC community.

KingSong KS-14S

Tire Inch



840 Wh

Rated Power

800 W

Max Speed

30 km/h

Max Range

80 km

Max Load

120 kg

Max Gradeability


Pedal Height

125 mm

Charging Time

6 hours

Net Weight

16.2 kg


476(H) x 437(L) x 202(W) mm

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