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Protective Gear

GyroRiderz Gloves

If safety while riding is your main priority then these GyroRiderz gloves are a must have when talking about protective gear. This is the second version of the gloves, adapted to near perfection specifically for EUC riders. Providing excellent protection but without tradeoffs in comfort. Every EUC rider will be more than pleased to see the gloves including:

  • Fully adjustable 3 point fastening system.
  • Finger protection
  • Reinforcement for front and back wrist guard
  • Side opening for quicker fitting
  • Finger and thumb pads compatible with touchscreen

77.50 VAT Included

Free shipping across EU for all orders above €100.

Glove sizes
Hand size in cm  Size  Men’s US size
17 – 20  7,5 S
20 – 23 8,5 M
24 – 26 9 L
27 – 29 11 XL
30 – 32 13 XXL



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