FireSak Large
FireSak Large

FireSak Large

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The FireSak is a storage solution for lithium batteries that's been modified to accommodate very large PEVs (personal electric vehicles). 

This bag measures 64cm X 35cm X 81cm and perfectly fits the largest Electric Unicycles on the market.


  • Extended carrying straps with padded velcro fastener
  • Reinforced bottom with rated 40kg wheel capacity
  • 1 side vent on each side
  • Proprietary fire-resistant metal-fibre thread stitching throughout the bag
  • 4 layers of different fire-resistant materials.

Keep in mind that an EUC stand of some kind is highly recommended in order to keep your EUC upright inside the bag. Also, note the height of the bag, please be sure you are physically able to lift the wheel into the bag and are aware of the size before ordering. Thank you!

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