Total Bestseller

InMotion’s total bestseller in their electric unicycle line is the V8 model, and in 2020 they released the upgraded version – the V8F. The goal of V8F is to continue the success of the model series. We are expecting an upgrade on their V10 unicycle, considered to be their highest class model. The one thing we are really excited about is the announcement of their first 18“ unicycle at the end of April. Seeing a suitable off-road model with InMotion’s sleek design is going to be something entirely new for the EUC community.

They Care

InMotion cares about our experience, they care about the quality of their products, they care about the future. “Travel the world with pleasure.“ – says InMotion’s CEO and we all agree that with their immense creativity and expertise, we can only expect masterwork electric vehicles from them.

was founded

INMOTION was founded in Shenzhen, China in 2012, but their story started long before that. If you haven’t heard about the astonishing RoboCup tournament, you should definitely check it out. That’s not why you are on this page, but it’s one reason why the team behind InMotion is so successful. It has all started with their win of the 2007 RoboCup in China.

The company strongly progressed towards researching and developing robots and sensor-controlled vehicles and promoting the evolution of short-distance transportation products. They are motivated. Motivated to create the most lightweight, eco-friendly, portable and convenient devices for micro-mobility through constant technological innovation and the incorporation of intelligent robots – something they are pretty good at. Their factory is located in Shenzhen, and it operates in full capacity to provide us with the electric unicycles in their most appealing slim design.

Our Vision

Famous for their top-notch build quality, InMotion’s unicycles do not stand out because of the performance qualities but because of the fantastic design and value. They have many accomplishments like “Red Star Design” award, “Green Design Product”, and “Technology Innovation” awards in the industry which prove their strong position on the market. In 2017, they merged and acquired Solowheel – the American self-balancing vehicle leader and thus owned up to 70% core patents of the self-balancing vehicles in the world. But they are not motivated only by producing cutting edge robotics and technology products. They are also driven to make their customers happy by bringing motion into their lives.

Since 2018, InMotion are also working in cooperation with Huawei in areas such as smart travel big data, operating systems and artificial intelligence. Both sides are about to open a channel between the INMOTION APP and Huawei HiLink to achieve swift control over the electric kick-scooters, unicycles bikes, and self-balancing vehicles. 








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