Electric Unicycles Power Pads


Electric Unicycles – Power Pads

These pads are suitable for most wheels on the market. The power pads help you accelerate or climb an uphill, decelerate/stop, and give you better control of the wheel. They relieve the pressure on the legs and the calves and stopping with high speed is now faster. This is extremely important when riding in traffic and you need to stop on the spot. The power pads are compatible with the following models, but please note they may be suitable for other models that are not written in this list:

  • InMotion V8
  • InMotion V8F
  • InMotion V10
  • InMotion V10F
  • GotWay MSX
  • GotWay MSP
  • GotWay Monster
  • GotWay Nikola
  • Begode RS
  • Begode EX / EX.N
  • Begode Monster Pro
  • KingSong 16S
  • KingSong 16X
  • KingSong 18L/XL
  • Veteran Sherman

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