Veteran Sherman
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20 inchVeteran

Veteran Sherman 3200Wh

Meet the new Veteran Sherman. Created by former workers who split from GotWay. The main focus here is performance. You won’t find LED lights or Bluetooth speakers, but you will have a 3200Wh battery and a 2500W motor. If you live or plan to go to work with him in a place where stairs should be climbed, it is better to give it up now! The big battery and the powerful motor have their price and the wheel weighs an impressive 35 kg. The pedals are large, comfortable, and have a magnetic closure. As you can see, a metal bar runs all over the wheel, which does a perfect job of protecting the wheel from breaking when falling. Do you want a wheel with which you can travel up to 220 km on a single charge and develop a speed of over 70 km/h? Then you have no other alternative. This is a really impressive wheel that is ready to fill your adrenaline to the limit!

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Telescopic Handle

3200Wh Panasonic NCR18650GA 100.8V

The battery is divided into 2 packs that distribute the weight around the AX very well. The wheel comes with 5A fast charge and has 2 charging ports through which you can simultaneously turn on 2 x 5A chargers and charge the huge battery in just 4 hours!

The Off-Road Tire

Veteran Sherman is equipped with a 20 by 3 inch tire from the Kenda brand model K262 which will help you ride on any roads. Perfect tire for Off-Road experiences and quite noisy on asphalt.

First Display on Electric Unicycle

Sherman is equipped with a built-in display where you get information about speed, mileage, and battery. All settings can be changed using the built-in display that’s why there is no mobile application.

Video Reviews & Highlights

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3200Wh Panasonic NCR18650GA 100.8V

Rated Power


Maximum Load


Maximum Gradeability

≈ 30°

Maximum Speed

70+ km/h


≈ 35kg

Charging Time

≈ 8h

Height of Pedal


Tire Diameter

20'' x 3"


500mm x 195mm x 592mm

Warranty & Shipping

1 Year warranty & 1 month delivery time, 2 Years warranty & 1 month delivery time


2500W Motor

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