V8F – best choice for relaxed riders & beginners


Let’s start this off by saying that the InMotion V8F is the wheel with a fantastic price to performance ratio! It would be hard for you to find a wheel with these specs at the same price point. 

Riding feels smooth, really smooth. Because of its weight, 16inch tire and construction, the V8F gives you a sensation similar to flying. It will take you from point A to B, and it will provide you with a convenient, comfortable and safe ride.

Weight is something we need to emphasize. It’s light, agile, nimble, snappy, and all the other synonyms that come to your mind. The 16inch wheel accommodates tight turns and helps with manoeuvrability. Compared to its beefier brothers, it’s light as a feather. Carrying it up and down the stairs couldn’t be easier as it only comes in at 14kgs. And for the times you need to push it, the trolley handle is centred and sturdy. In case the handle feels a bit shaky, you can easily add a few washers to cement it in place.

The slim and beautiful design makes you look fabulous! The integrated foam pads on the wheel’s upper sides are convenient and give you a cosy feeling ride without destroying the wheel’s sleek lines. You can also add ankle pads for a slight increase in control and comfort.

When riding at night, don’t forget to customize your lights from the InMotion app as they’re functional and look amazing. You also have two options for drive modes in the application, which allow you to switch between Comfort and Classic mode. No Sport mode here, unfortunately.


InMotion V10F
V8F the best choice for relaxed riders and beginners

Some specs that might interest you:

Top speed: 35km/h (21mph)
Range: 55-60km (34-37mi)
Motor: 1000W
Battery capacity: 518Wh
Charging time: 4.5h with 1.5A
Max. Loading Capacity: 120kg

Casual and beginner riders will appreciate the very safe software on the InMotion V8F that takes all the necessary measures to prevent a cut-off. If you’re an absolute speed junkie, this wheel is not for you! It caters to the casual commuters, fun-rides-in-the-park type of people and passionate beginners. 

It’s our top recommendation for riders just starting on their electric unicycle journey. A detail worth pointing out is that the V8F shells are very durable, so don’t be afraid to drop, ding and scrape the wheel from time to time. It will withstand slight damage while you learn to ride it. 

Get the V8F and let us know how you like it.

Ride safe!

InMotion V10F
V8F the best choice for relaxed riders and beginners


  • Thomas v. heidelberg

    7th June 2021 at 5:21 pm

    Danke für den weisen Ratschlag . Nun liegt es nur noch an mir . Von meinen ersten Schritten – wenn ich sie überlebe – werde ich Ihnen berichten .Wir wollen Hoffen !!! Grüße , Thomas / BERLIN


  • Martin Saunders

    26th October 2021 at 3:08 pm

    I bought my V8f from you guys..I absolutely love it!. I’ll be buying another wheel soon…probably a V12…But I’ll definitely be keeping the V8f.. it is so user friendly, and just excellent to keep in the car just in case you should have to venture far from your parking place. An excellent leaner wheel, but also so user friendly and lovable.. once again…I love it !


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