KingSong S22 Suspension KIt
KingSong S22 Suspension KIt

KingSong S22 Suspension KIt

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The first and second batches were sold in just a matter of days. We are now working on batch 3 which will be ready for shipping around the 7th of December.

After more than a month of preparation and work on the project, we are pleased to present our upgrade version of the S22 suspension sliders, or as we call them S22 Suspension kit!

Special thanks to our friend Ionel from Romania, who was the inspiration, and the first person to test the improvement. Thanks to him, we can offer it to you today.

With this upgrade, we guarantee you will unlock the full potential of the KingSong S22 and literally feel like you have a new unicycle! Some people who tested it jokingly said that this kit works 200% better than the original.

The original design is Russian and first appeared on the Telegram groups. We have based ours on their second version, which is significantly improved and eliminates the vibration problem in the motor.

Our engineer has made several additional improvements that make our version unique. We guarantee that this is the best you can install on your unicycle to date.

The set includes four aluminium sliders precisely made on CNC, 16 high-quality German screws with a length of 16mm, and 16 bearings.

In the video shared below, we've compared two brand-new S22s. The right one is with our suspension kit the left one is with the factory sliders.

Video instructions on how to install the KingSong S22 Suspension Kit can be found and seen here.

Our first production run is 50 sets, and the second production batch is in process and about to be initiated.

Worldwide shipping is also available. For more information, please reach out to [email protected] and make sure to share your delivery address/ or just a postcode so we can get back to you with a quote for the kit and the shipping cost.

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