InMotion V11 – Off-Road and Long Distance Wheel

03.04.2020 Update:

The official presentation of V11 just finished. Also, we received the full specification of InMotion V11.

How can you pre-order it click here

Technical Specification InMotion V11

Type V11
Color Black
Net Weight Approx 27kg
Range 75 miles (120km) 
Max.Speed 31.25 mph (50km/h) 
Climbing Angle 35°
Payload 120kg
Charging Time Approx 10.0h and 5.0h with dual-chargers 
Motor Power 2000W
Charger Input Voltage AC 110-240V 50/60Hz
Charger Output Voltage DC 84V*1.5A
Battery 84 V 1,420WH
Headlight 18 Watt Car-grade
Outer Tire Dimension 18 inches (3″ Width)
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0 BLE
Battery Temperature Protection 32 ~ 131 °F(0 ~ 55℃)
Product Size 26.6*19.7*7.87in
Distance between Footboard and Ground 3.55~6.30 inches
IP Ratings IP55
Operating Temperature 14 ~ 104 °F (-10 ~ 40 ℃)
Decorated Lamp N/A

If you missed the product launch you can watch it here:


02.04.2020 Update:

InMotion are going to shed light on their upcoming product during their live event that will be streamed on YouTube and Facebook. Don’t miss out on anything.


Everything about the launch of the new InMotion V11 is top secret, even for people like us who are in the kitchen of things. The information we’ve been able to get is very sparse and everyone around InMotion is toddling and keeping the details of the long-awaited 18-inch V11 in SECRET.

The first Electric Unicycle with built-in suspension.

We are sure that this is only the beginning! Soon, the other two serious manufacturers will follow the idea and we will maybe see the same from KingSong and GotWay this year.

Battery with a capacity of more than 100 km.

We expect the battery to have a capacity of at least 1420wh 1600Wh. We also expect InMotion to rely on 84V batteries 21700 100V batteries.

This our prediction was obviously too optimistic. We weren’t even close. From Imotion, they decided to rely on a smaller battery. We assume that in the next version of the wheel when it receives an Upgrade (V11F)

The motor is expected to be rated at 2000W  2200W and we won’t be surprised to see a motor rated at the same power as the GotWay MSuper Pro2500W motor.

Inmotion has confirmed that the TOP SPEED of the V11 will be over 50km/h.

Thanks to the larger 21700/100V batteries and the powerful new motor, we expect the wheel to have a top speed of at least 50km/h 55 km/h. Its capabilities will be greater, but for security reasons, the maximum speed is likely to be limited to 50km/h 55 km/h.

Aggressive Design

The design will be aggressive, will have the characteristic features of the brand, but it will not look like anything so far. Since the tire of the model will be more than 3 inches, the slim design characteristic of the brand will not be applicable. Several times we have tried to “dig in” a little more information about what kind of tire will be used in the model, but Inmotion are very frugal, answering to us: “Tire for Off-road”

For the first time, we will see Automobile Level Taillight.

Inmotion V11 Taillight

We are all very excited about what we can expect from InMotion. What we know for sure is that we will certainly get the brand’s high quality of finish and unique design.

InMotion V11 Release Date

The official launch of the model is expected in late May, early June. The launch will be a formal event that will be streamed online and can be tracked by anyone.


Stay in touch!

We will continue to update this article with any new information we have about V11.



  • Luis A Rodriguez

    24th June 2020 at 5:47 pm

    Can you listen to music ?


    • admin

      25th June 2020 at 2:40 pm

      Hi Luis,

      No, you can’t. There are not Bluetooth speakers on it.


  • Jasmin Rand

    9th January 2021 at 5:21 pm

    Would I be able to take it through the airport internationally from the US to another country? In the luggage that goes under the plane would that be possible? Im not sure if the battery is too high


  • Sandra

    12th January 2021 at 6:27 pm

    Hey Jasmin, the battery is indeed higher than the allowed by all airlines so you won’t be able to place it in a suitcase and transport it overseas by an airplane.


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