Industrial Design

As an innovative tech company, GotWay relies on the knowledge of their experienced engineers and commits to the design and development, manufacture and sales of self-balancing electric devices. One thing that visually distinguishes them from the other brands is the recognizable industrial design of their products.

Unlimited Speed

We can also identify their electric unicycles as the strongest performers in the industry. GotWay is known to develop the fastest electric unicycles, which is hugely appreciated by high-speed enthusiasts. But before each unit reaches you, it’s thoroughly tested under visual checks, 5-kilometre function tests, and other QA procedures to ensure the safety of the piece during production.

If you are a fan of the EUCs, you’ve probably heard about the GotWay MSX. GotWay’s most distinguished model is the go-to wheel for high-speed lovers, long-distance riders and people who enjoy offroad riding experiences.

What we value the most is the freedom given by GotWay through their mobile application. There are no factory limits besides the ones we set ourselves.


Dongguan Kebye Intelligent Technology was founded in 2014. The company quickly progressed into the self-balancing devices industry because of the hard work of its development and research team. The brand behind the company is famous among the electric unicycle community as GotWay. The company specializes in extension and analysis of software, mainboard hardware and brushless motors for electric self-balancing devices like electric unicycles, electric skateboards and scooters.

They develop most of the product parts (mainboards, wires, body parts) in their factory under the supervision of QC professionals to ensure the highest quality. The manufactory is located near the epicentre of technology and innovation in China – the Guandong area, Humen, Dongguan.

Our Vision

Before entering the industry of the self-balancing transportation devices, KingSong were engaged in the development and production of power bank protection boards. They produce all of the control boards for their products in their own SMT factory.

The flexibility and guarantee of the quality of their control boards are giving KingSong a considerable advantage over the competitors. The team is packed with professionals and engineering gurus from all areas to ensure the perfect execution of all development processes.








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