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GotWay Nikola Plus 1800Wh 100V

In stock available for shipping immediately after we received your payment. Delivery takes around 3-5 business days. Warranty is as follows: 2 years for the mainboard and motor; 1 year for the battery.

Having 100V between the side shells is fantastic. If you’re coming from a Monster or an 18-incher, the Nikola+ will make you feel like you can dive into turns and do those sporty manoeuvres you’ve always wanted. The model comes with a 1800Wh battery allowing more extended rides and a lift sensor for when you have to carry it around. Because this is a GotWay wheel, you will, of course, be able to enjoy the higher speed for a longer time. The top speed margin is higher than any InMotion or KingSong model – 68km/h (hello, to all the speed demons that are rejoicing the last sentence). The angle of the pedals might not look comfortable at first, but when you are on the road hitting that 50km/h, you will feel more rooted and even “locked” on the wheel. Off-roading is possible, but we believe there are more suitable models for that and consider the Nikola to be more of a city-ride model because riding it on uneven terrain feels more firmly. The Nikola+ is faster, accelerates, and breaks better and can take you on a longer ride compared to the regular Nikola. If it fits your budget, go with the Plus.

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GotWay Nikola Plus

Tire Inch



1800 Wh

Rated Power

1900 W

Max Speed

60 km/h

Max Range

160 km

Max Load

100 kg

Max Gradeability


Pedal Height

145 mm

Charging Time

4 – 6 hours



Net Weight

26 kg


590(H) x 490(L) x 200(W) mm

Warranty and Shipping

2 Years Warranty & Fast Shipping

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    2 reviews for GotWay Nikola Plus 1800Wh 100V

    • Renée Lincoln

      27th September 2020 at 3:38 pm

      5 out of 5

      An absolutely amazing wheel, I started on a KS-16S and I loved it. Now on owning the Nikola Plus, I can see why its such a high regarded wheel in the EUC community. Gotway has listened to its users and updated it to a very high quality. No more gotway stickers, instead an actual emblem/badge made out of plastic. No more irritating start up noise. The quality of this wheel far exceeds my expectation and I haven’t even mentioned the speed and agility. The Gotway Nikola Plus has now become a must have wheel.


    • Nik

      22nd October 2020 at 11:15 pm

      4 out of 5

      A powerful wheel even for a heavier rider.
      I’m a 102kg without gear and the nikola has no problems with my mass. The shell is definitely durable, but scratches very easily due to the soft plastic and mirror finish on the shell.
      Pedals could be bigger, my foot size is 44(not that big) which is not the problem, but the width(nordic feet tend to be much wider than lets say chinese or middle european feet). The outside of my foot overhangs the pedal and I almost feel like only half of my foot is actually on the pedal. I do ride with a wider stance(feet 3-4cm away from the inside of the pedal) but I’m having to turn my feet in a bit too much causing some slight discomfort.

      I usually cruise at 30-40kmh and that is more than enough for me. Top speed I’ve hit is 57,8 and I don’t dare go ANY faster because I weigh this much, a lighter rider can definitely go much faster. But it is nice to have the headroom if I need it.

      Lighting is okay, looks good in the night and 9 different modes give variation. Headlight is bright and let’s you see the surface of the road, which definitely helps with dark situations.


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