What’s MyEwheel doing?


Why is everything Out of Stock? What is happening with the supplies in China?

Dear current and future customers and readers, due to the increased number of email inquiries we have received, we decided to give more details on what’s MyEwheel doing. What’s the situation in China, delays in deliveries, production delays, and why everything is «out of stock». Many questions need answers. We know, and we are answering.

What’s happening with the manufacturers?

In the last 2-3 months in China, prices of all wheels went up drastically.
For some models, the price increase is over 15%. In an open letter to their partners/dealers, all manufacturers (KingSong, InMotion, Begode, Leaperkim) emphasized the difficulty of finding battery cells and the increase in their cost as the main factor for their production delays. Some also mentioned that the cost of other resources for the production of wheels has also increased. We hope that everything will be back to normal soon, and we will all continue enjoying new models and fresh upgrades.

Transportation from China

Imports from China at this moment are close to impossible. The cost of transporting a shipping container has increased nearly 395% over the past year. But even if we disregard the cost increase in shipping containers, finding a free container at the moment indeed requires a lot of patience and a bit of luck. The reasons for the ongoing lack and price increase of containers originate from the following two reasons:

  1. Containers are stuck at anchorage outside ports and are not being returned to Asia
  2. Asian manufacturers lack containers to send back to the EU until they receive the ones stuck in outside ports

Other means of transportation?

Besides sea freight, there’s the train between Asia and Europe. Many companies have difficulty arranging sea transport, so they resort to this alternative transportation – the Trans-Asian railway. Consequently, the increased demand by many companies has created a significant load on the train line, and the train schedule is overcrowded. Trains get stuck at stations, get broken, get delayed due to other broken/stuck trains. All the misfortunes one could expect.
This increase in train demand is also why the orders that travelled directly to our customers were delivered 2-3 months later in some cases. If you have been affected, we would like to apologize once again and assure you that we were not informed of these circumstances when we committed to delivering your wheel. We learned our lesson the hard way – by leaving many customers dissatisfied with the slow delivery of their wheels.
We took measures. We immediately stopped selling all the wheels that are not available in our warehouse. We will also not accept pre-orders with a delivery time of 35 days anymore. Misleading our clients with long delivery delays was not something we will do voluntarily.

When will we have stock again?

We managed to organize the transportation – we managed to get our hands on a free container. As you are reading this, 150 wheels are already on their way to our shop, and we expect to get back to regular business around the end of August.
Unfortunately, we cannot specify the selling price of many models right now because we need to calculate all the expenses after we release those wheels from Customs. We will do everything possible not to raise prices drastically or «break the bank». Still, as we have already explained above, there is an increase in the manufacturer’s price and increased transportation cost, which will indefinitely affect the market prices. (We were never known for luxurious wheel prices, right?)

A general warning for everyone who is about to buy a unicycle!

Unfortunately, we are not on the same page with other dealers. Some are ready to accept your pre-order or even lie to you about the delivery time. Do not trust the dealers who give you low prices and short terms for direct delivery from the factory. We noticed that some of our colleagues use misleading deadlines such as «> 25 days» while knowing the delivery will take not less than 60 calendar days. It is also essential to understand how your dealer will service your wheel after the sale if needed. What are the conditions and terms? Inform yourself before investing, not just about the final price, but also what else will you get for your money. At the moment, we are selling many, many spare parts to customers because their dealer has denied them a warranty service. Sometimes finding the same wheel 200 euros cheaper means, you will unintentionally «save» from the warranty service you will never receive after your purchase.

We hope this post will answer your questions but if we have missed something, please hit us up through our Contact page – we will be more than happy to help.

Stay safe and ride safe! 

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