KingSong N10
KingSong KS-N10 KingSong N10 foot plate DSC06280 KingSong N8/N10 bars DSC06277 KingSong N8/N10 wheel

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KingSong N10

This is the KingSong N10 electric scooter. It’s what the Ninebot MAX always should have been, also faster than a modded Xiaomi M365 Pro. It’s light, portable, foldable, has amazing specs and can give you a very agile ride while keeping you safe. The folding locks at the back so you don’t damage your handlebars. It can easily be carried up stairs with ease, on public transport or put into a trunk. The KingSong N10 is 48V, light and a ton of fun. We highly recommend it as the best commuter electric scooter.

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Pneumatic Tires
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The agile Kingsong N10 scooter comes with a top speed of 40 km/h and a range of 50km. In addition to those amazing specs, you get nice acceleration from the 500W motor with 1250W peak power. All together you have a speedy daily commuter that will surely satisfy your speed needs and get you where you need to safely. Compared to it’s slightly smaller brother, the N10 offers you E-ABS electric brake system in cases when you need to stop quickly and also an additional brake light to notify traffic of your actions.

Red tail lights for safer braking

The taillights flash in bright red as a warning to pedestrians and other people involved in traffic.

Dual braking system

The new E-ABS electric brake combined with the rear fender brake will boost security whist on the KingSong N10.

Spring shock absorbers

Shock absorption system take care of potholes, vibrations and boost comfort immensely. Be prepared for any terrain. Go anywhere you want without a worry.


KingSong KS-N10

Tire Inch



460Wh (48V, 9.6Ah)

Rated Power
Max Speed

40 km/h

Max Range

50 km

Max Load

100 kg

Max Gradeability


Charging Time

5 hours

Net Weight


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