KingSong iOS App Update


Recently the latest iOS version of the KingSong app has been showing strange information to all its users. Let’s unravel the truth and clear things up.


What do you see that you shouldn’t?

The app shows that your unicycle is illegal. That could be extremely disturbing, knowing you have done everything you can to find the perfect dealer that you can trust, and then you find out that your unicycle is illegal. But that’s not all, after accepting that the unicycle you’ve purchased is somehow “illegal”, you then find out that the battery percentage on the app shows 100% all the time. Now, in a perfect world that would have been great. Lowering down the charge time to practically 0 minutes is the dream of all EUC riders; however, this is not the case here, and your battery is actually depleting, and it’s not on 100% charge all the time.


What is the KingSong team doing that they should?

The KingSong team immediately removed the “old” and “new” versions of the iOS app from the Apple store. They are working on the newest “new” version of the app that will intentionally resolve all those bugs so we can peacefully use your KingSong app on iOS devices. The app will be announced as soon as it’s ready and will be added to the Apple Store for all users. All this should happen in the nearest future.


What can you do that you should?

You can download (as suggested by the KingSong team) the DarknessBot app for iOS and keep track of your battery percentage and also keep the annoying “illegal device” note out of your sight.


What can the MyEWheel team do to help?

We can share a link so you can download the DarknessBot App, just click here.



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