Kingsong S18 – The Final Push

In the last few days, there have been a lot of reviews of the long-awaited new model of KingSong S18, but the biggest impression is made by 2 reviews that shed some light on the problems of S18 prototypes that travel around the world in search of more opinions, tests and more…

„The honest reviews“

First Mickey – EVX published his video review criticizing KingSong for changing the shock and a day later Alien Rides published his „King Song S18, The FIRST Suspension Electric Unicycle, Honest And Unbiased Review“ where he criticized not only the replacement of the suspension but also the durability of the plastic used in the prototype, the fender and other problems that you can see for yourself here:

EVX Review:

Alien Rides Review:


To be honest with you, after watching the two reviews we were worried and the most reasonable thing we could do as an official distributor of KingSong, and as a company that has placed a pre-order for many wheels, we decided to contact KingSong and ask them what they think about the problems in the videos and what people can expect from the mass-produced version of the S18.


We asked Tina, the girl who has been working at Kingsong since day one, and is always up to date.

1. Is it true that you intend to replace the pre-announced shock with another that is cheaper and therefore of lower quality?

For the shock absorber, we received a notification from DNM (the manufacturer of the suspension used in the prototype version) that the model used in the prototype 36RC has been discontinued. The variant that is suitable as a replacement for the discontinued model is 38RC. KingSong has already sent this version to Kuji Rolls for testing and to check his opinion. According to Kuji, the 38RC has the same qualities as the 36RC and there is no difference in its performance. KingSong also noted that the new model is not cheaper as claimed in the EVX video. To date, the replacement of the shock is not 100% certain because negotiations are underway with DNM to resume production of the 36RC and there is a possibility that no change in the shock will be required.

2. What do you think about the strength of the body? AlienRides‘ review says that it’s very easily broken even from a very small fall.

The S18 from the mass production will have shells made of ABS + PC material which has good flexibility indicators. Of course, every single detail can be damaged by a crash.

3. The AlienRides video says that people complained that a hard stop results in shakes (wobbles).

After testing the prototype for a long time, both our test riders and early prototype riders believe that these wobbles are a result of the fact that the people who had them are not used to the wheel and need some time. In addition, we decided to increase the PU pad thickness from 4 mm to 12 mm so that the riders have better control over the wheel.

4. Another problem that the community is aware of is that some of the prototypes have a strange noise caused by touching the tire with the shell.

Some prototypes have noise issues. The tire we used on the prototype is a little bit wider than the one for massive production. Also, the board holder tubes have some issues – the tire might tilt to one side and scratch the body shell. All of this will be solved in the massive production.

5. Both Mickey and AlienRides say in their videos that if the button of the trolley handle is not pressed well, the handle can be stuck in the cut-off function when you are trying to close it.

Yes, we know about the problem that on some of the prototypes the button on the handle does not work as well as expected and creates inconvenience when closing the handle. We have fixed this problem by putting a crystal silicone logo on the top of the button which will contribute to a better button pressure and will solve this problem.

6. The rear fender is glued to the prototype and falls over time. Do you plan to improve this and how?

Yes of course. As you can see for yourself in the photos I am sending you, we have added a hole through which we will attach it.

What other improvements have been made?

Further improvements include the length extension of the channel where the pedals are attached. Each rider will have the opportunity to change the position of the pedals by about 2 cm as he sees fit.

The Delay

All this is a reason for a delay in production by two weeks. Interestingly, this delay coincides with that of Immotion and V11. Anyone who has placed a pre-order with us should keep in mind this delay. If this is the price to get a really finished product we are okay with it!


The truth is born in the competition! And what would happen if there was no race between S18 and V11? We would not see so many improvements and competition in the pre-production fever. We all win when Kingsong and InMotion compete. We hope that in this competition a finished product will be born that we will enjoy for a long time.

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