Protective gear - Advanced settings for EUC riders

Oct 07, 2021

Chest & Back protection

If you plan on going really fast, going on off-road, dirt terrains or anything like that, consider investing in some proper chest and back protection. We have some nice ones on our website that feel soft on the body but harden on impact!

Protect your spine, ribs, chest, and in general, every imaginable part of your body. Fun is what you're after when riding and in order to maintain that, you need to protect yourself from inevitable damage. Everybody enjoys the wind in their face, taking a cruise without any gear on and feeling the sun while on their EUC. I do that too sometimes but don't just continuously risk your health and safety in exchange for fun.


The Boblbee Backpacks are loved by many, hated by some but that doesn’t mean they aren’t great. Protecting your back, spine and adding 93% impact reduction is a significant boost to safety. Having additional storage is a great plus.

Elbow Pads

Cutting out or hitting a rock will send you flying face-first most of the time. Our instincts are to reduce the impact with our hands. After our wrist protectors do their job, gravity will undoubtedly put our elbows next in line to take the hit. Having something to prevent scratches and bone damage is an ideal addition to your protective arsenal.

Safety harness

Recently on the awesome EUC Facebook groups, there have been a few videos of people with a leash attached to them on one end and to their wheel on the other. The leash is especially helpful when going on mountainous trails. Seeing your EUC roll down a steep hill is not something you would enjoy. Neither is pushing your heavy wheel up that same hill. This safety precaution is quickly gaining popularity among the more off-road inclined. Of course, always be cautious and make sure that your wheel will not drag you down the cliff.

“Low-key” protective gear

Sometimes you don't want to look like a navy seal infiltrating your neighborhood for a domestic raid. Sometimes you just want to go out, look trendy and draw as little attention as possible (if that's ever happened on a EUC). There is a brand out there currently that fits in this niche - LazyRolling. They offer protective gear that looks like your ordinary clothing, but underneath those stylish trousers and hoodies, they have allowed space for additional padded protection. Also, they add a Kevlar liner that will keep your skin nice and soft if you decide to go all out and get a cut-out. Definitely check them out.


At the end of the day, it may seem like you're gearing up for war, but it mainly depends on how you plan to use your Electric Unicycle. It's great to have all the equipment handy when you need it, but for your daily commute, we recommend the holy trinity - helmet, wrist guards and knee pads. If you plan on flying with 30+km/h, it will be very beneficial to add some Elbow pads and a backpack.

For all nature lovers, gearing up all the way is the only way. Anything that can save you a trip to the hospital is worth it.

Ride safe!

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