Gotway 84V vs 100V What is the difference?

Oct 07, 2021
We can all agree that Gotway checked the 100V battery box on the unicycle upgrades list first. That one implementation flared up a lot of posts and discussions in the EUC community, and many are still trying to find an answer to the most asked questions. What is the difference between the 84V and 100V batteries and what more do you get with the 100V?

Let's talk batteries now.

The 84V 1300Wh/1600Wh battery is with six cells per module (20 modules total), while the 100V 1240Wh battery is with four cells per module. In such battery configuration, the 84V has a higher peak current, as well as more power at lower charge states. The 6p modules are usually under less stress during a current draw compared to the 4p modules. The current of the 84V is 50% more because of the number of cells in a module, and we know that the higher the current is - the higher peak power you get.


Both wheels are safe. The stronger a wheel is, the safer it is. And when we think about safety, we think of power, not speed. Now let's go back to that old formula P = V * I : P = power V = voltage I = current electrical power formula The voltage alone doesn't mean safety. We need to balance it with the current. And we already discussed which version comes with the higher current in the previous paragraph. So don't look only at the voltage, look at the total power when making a decision.


At this point, it's already clear who gets the higher speed. What the 84V lacks is a little more km/h added to the top speed spec, compared to the 100V. If you consider yourself a speedster, then the 100V is a must for you. That battery version was intended primarily for you. The 100V gives you slightly more top end margin, meaning you are less likely to cut out than on an 84V version. Keep in mind that you will be able to sustain the max speed only for the first 20% - 30% of your full battery. Something worth mentioning here is that the 84V has marginally more torque than the 100V. The overall top speed difference between the two is around 11km/h.


Well, it's up for you to decide whether you want more range at high speed or you want the prestige of riding at the top speed. We agree that the feeling of owning the fastest-ever electric unicycle is something that cannot be measured, but the safety and total value can.
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