Begode Mten4
Begode Mten4
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Begode Mten4

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1,300.00€ 900.00€
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The Begode Mten model belongs to the category of the most portable electric unicycles. The newest Mten4 version comes with a significant upgrade from the previous generation (Mten3). The battery is 45% bigger than what we had on the Mten3. It comes at 750Wh and can easily sustain a full day of city commutes. The top speed is also fascinating for its small size. The Mten4 can reach up to 40 km/h, and the free-spin speed is 57km/h. Obviously, this model is not a good choice for longer rides, but it's the best if you want a fun and easy-to-control unicycle that fits in your everyday backpack and doesn't "break the bank". 

Color Blue
Tire size 11"
Battery capacity 750 Wh
Rated power 1000W
Max speed 57 km/h
Max range 50 km
Max load 100 kg
Max gradeability 25°
Pedal height 128 mm
Charging time 6 hours
Net weight 13 kg
Dimensions 350(H) x 440(L) x 200(W)
Bluetooth Music No
LED Lights No
Suspension No
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